chapter 13

Adidas is one of the most powerful brands in the sports apparel industry.  Behind the strong leadership of their CEO they use this power to increase production and make a solid profit. One specific way they use their industry power is by signing big name athletes to increase their brand image. Some major signings include […]

Chapter 12

Adidas is a company that is heavily influenced by sports. The company models its structure around teamwork and other sports characteristics. Leadership is another trait that can be carried over from the sports field to the corporate world. The CEO of Adidas, Herbert Hainer leads the company in a confident and successful way that carries […]

chapter 10

Teamwork is a crucial part to the success of Adidas. More than 40,000 employees across the globe are united by Adidas and they all work together to innovate and change the industry. The company embraces its global diversity and allows its many different employees to  push each other and to go beyond what they thought […]

chapter 9

As a company Adidas tries to promote good group behavior and shatter groupthink. Diversity is one of Adidas’ core values and they encourage individuals with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds. The company embraces different individuals and believes that diversity will result in success and better performance. To help their employees face intercultural diversity […]

chapter 8

Adidas cares a lot about its employees and aims to harmonize employees’ work life and personal life. The company has many alternative work arraignments to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. Adidas uses flexible working time models such as FlexiTime and myTime to make employees’ lives easier. FlexiTime is a system that  gives employees the […]

chapter 7

Adidas tries its best to keep its employees motivated at all times. Adidas is known to use Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation (motivator and growth).They want to keep their employees happy and motivated which will lead to personal growth. A consequence of personal growth can be a more enriching job environment and an increase […]

chapter 6

Many organizations will put organizational constraints on their employees such as performance evaluation and formal regulations. Recently Adidas is trying to break some of these constraints with an increase in communication with its factory workers in Indonesia. In 2012 adidas group launched a project that uses mobile phones as a new communication tool. As part of […]