chapter 5

Like job satisfaction, Adidas stresses on the importance of employee personality.¬†Many employees state that there is a great¬†work to life balance and that Adidas maintains an excellent business environment to work in. CEO Herbert Hainer is known to be a very personable and sociable guy that many employees and clients can look up too. These […]

Chapter 4

Emotional intelligence is a crucial piece in business management. In the past Adidas has struggled with handling emotional intelligence, especially with its consumers. One example is when Adidas took away the production of black jerseys because it was too expensive. By doing this they hurt the consumers of New Zealand because black jerseys are a […]

Chapter 3

Adidas has a strong focus and emphasis on the employees and job satisfaction. On their website they state that, “employee satisfaction drives commitment, commitment drives engagement, and engagement drives business performance”. The company cares about its employees and tries to take job satisfaction and job involvement to increase a commitment to the organization. Adidas brings […]